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Action learning is an educational process whereby people work and learn together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions. Learners acquire knowledge and skills through real actions and practice rather than through traditional classroom instructions.

The C.P. Leadership Institute has applied the action learning methodology into its leadership development programs, which are devised for each leadership level as shown in the pyramid below.

The first program, launched annually since 2010, is called ALP or the Action Learning Program. 40 leaders are selected from across the Group to attend 3 separate workshops. They form 6 teams with 6-7 members per team. The teams work on 6 different strategic projects alongside their day jobs.

ALP enables leaders across the Group to network with one another. It also teaches the leaders to reflect on the action they have taken as well as the learning that arise from those actions. Moreover, they learn about their leadership skills and how to develop themselves to become leaders capable of driving the organization to success and sustainability. Their learning should then guide their future judgments as well as improve individual performance.

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